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  • 2016

    Check Out Our Newest Feature – Messaging

    ​Illinois workNet rolled out the latest site feature last month, messages!  Here are three ways to use messages.

    1. Stay informed. You will receive updates on new features and resources launched by Illinois workNet, along with news and notices.
    2. Ask questions or send suggestions directly to the Illinois workNet Team by clicking “Reply” on the “Welcome to Messages” message the Illinois workNet team sent out.
    3. Communicate directly with Illinois workNet workforce partners. Once you have received a message from a workforce partner you will be able to reply to their message. Our workforce partners can send you a message if you are:
      • In a special program
      • Receiving WIOA services OR
      • Have accepted an invitation to join a customer group.

    To access your messages:

    • Log in to your Illinois workNet account.
    • Click Messages in the site header.
      • The red messages icon indicates a new message.
    • Read each message and reply as needed.

    Illinois workNet Header:

    IL workNet Header

    Reply to Illinois workNet:

    Reply to Illinois workNet


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    Very nice idea.
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