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  • 2015

    Job Search and Job Clubs - How Do They Help You? Webinar

    ​If you are in job search mode and you find yourself stalled, you may want to investigate a job club in your area. There are all kinds of job clubs, some focus on certain income levels, some focus on certain industries, but overall, you can meet great people who will give you advice, information, and tips about making your time in job search mode shorter till you land your next position.

    This webinar will be December 16, 2015 at 2:30PM. We have two wonderful guest speakers who have each been in charge of very successful job clubs:

    Jim Klink - Director - TUG Career Services in St. Charles, Illinois

    • TUG Career Services was organized in October 2001 by concerned community leaders and representatives from several St. Charles churches as an ecumenical and grass-roots effort to help address the needs of St. Charles and surrounding residents who were unemployed or underemployed.

    Jan Leahy - Director - Career Resource Center in Lake Forest, IL

    • Founded in 1990 as a religious outreach mission to address the needs of local individuals impacted by the “white collar” recession, CRC modifies and expands services to respond to the ever-changing economy and needs of job candidates.  Embracing best practices and new technology without diminishing the “personal touch” has resulted in a history of successful and satisfied members.

    Our discussion will focus:

    • Components of a successful job club
    • What you might expect when attending a session.
    • How to find a good fit for you,
    • Deciding on attending one or many
    • Virtual job clubs
    • How to find a job club near you

    Register today!

    Eventbrite - Job Search and Job Clubs - How Do They Help You? Webinar

    After you register, check out the Illinois workNet Virtual Job Club Network.


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