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  • 2015

    The Best of Money Management

    Money Management ImageMoney management may not be as enticing of a topic as social media or many other things. It is, however, necessary to know about making the most of your money for your financial success.

    Our recent webinar on the components of money management features guest speaker Juliana Hackel-Judd of BMO Harris Bank. Juliana is a CRA Relationship Manager who helps community members learn more about managing their money.

    The webinar covered the highlights of 10 of the FDIC - Federal Deposit Insurance Company's Money Smart program. The topics included banking, savings, credit, and financial recovery.

    Download the Money SMART presentation (PDF) or from SlideShare so you can follow along as you watch the archived webinar below or on YouTube.

    Illinois workNet wants to ensure our users are able to enhance their money management knowledge. In conjunction with our two webinars on money management, we created a companion webpage that provides links to a number of the modules from the Money Smart program in English and Spanish when available. Visit the new money management page here. You may also find it under our Updates and Help menu.

    The modules on our page cover a wide range of age groups beginning with grades 9 through 12 and progressing through older adults who may have retired. There are also 11 modules that focus on small business.

    On the page, we include links to additional resources that may help you with your financial literacy including a web based self study through the FDIC Money Smart portal.


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