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  • 2015

    WIOA Training Program Search Tool

    Are you looking for training to pursue a new career? You may be eligible to participate with a Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act high-demand training program. You can use the WIOA Approved Training Program Search on Illinois workNet to find options that you may want to review.

    This webinar covered the basics of eligibility for participation in a WIOA training program. Please be aware that eligibility and awards of training program funding to participants varies by Local Workforce Development Area. You will need to check with your Local Workforce Development Area to see what guidelines they have established. To find a local office near you, please the Illinois workNet Service Finder look for the orange WIOA icon to identify locations who offer WIOA funding.

    There are three ways to use the search functions on the WIOA Training Provider Tool, for which we covered the step-by-step directions:
    • Training Program
    • Training Provider
    • Demand Occupations
    The webinar also covered the basics of how to use the search, help you pick and compare programs, and eligibility for participation in a WIOA training program. 
    Download the presentation below (or on SlideShare) to get all of the links used within the webinar and follow along as you watch the archived webinar below or on YouTube​.
    • WIOA Training Program Search Tool (PDF​)​


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