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  • 2015

    STEM Talent Supply & Demand in Illinois

    ​The Illinois Science and Technology Coalition has released the 2015 Talent Index which sheds light on the STEM talent supply and demand in Illinois. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math and is a focus in Illinois education and its workforce.

    From the Chicago Tribune news release:

    To better understand trends in science, technology, engineering and math in Illinois, the 2015 edition of the Innovation Index talent issue offers a comprehensive analysis of the state’s high-tech economy through the lens of supply (STEM degrees granted in the state) and demand (employment in STEM fields). The analysis focuses on the concentration of STEM studies and occupations, growth over time, and the state’s performance compared with the national average. The issue also examines the contribution of immigrant students to Illinois’ STEM talent pool, the fastest-growing high-tech industries and occupations in Illinois, and the emergence of “hybrid jobs” that require both STEM and non-STEM skill sets.

    Some key findings in the report for "demand":

    • Since 2011, the top five high-tech industries in Illinois by job growth were in the computer, engineering, and biotechnology fields.
    • The Chicago area offers an above-average concentration of “hybrid jobs,” which require employees to be proficient in both STEM and non-STEM skills.
    • Since 2011, five of the top STEM occupations by growth in Illinois were dominated by computer occupations.

    Download the report and visit the Illinois Innovation Network website for more resources and to subscribe to their news!



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