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  • 2015

    Are you using the most current tools to help your job search?

    Digital Job SearchMost job seekers realize that they need to use the internet and most often they find sites like Monster and CareerBuilder. Many people have found the benefit of having a profile on LinkedIn as well. This webinar covered examples of the sites that you can use to build your personal brand to help your job search take off.

    Dee Reinhardt is our regular webinar guide, and many of you might know of her knowledge of social media. Here she took her knowledge of workforce development and combined it with her knowledge of social media to give you some of the best tools to employ in your job search toolbox.

    The topics included:

    • Social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. Find all of the resources on Illinois workNet for using social media for your job search.
    • Resume tools included portfolios, file storage, mini-websites, and other places to help you brand your name for the job search. To find out more about the Illinois workNet Resume Builder tool to help your job search, click here.
    • Apps were also demonstrated. So many people are mobile or use only their smart phone for everything. The range of these apps will come in handy for your job search. Find out more about the Illinois workNet jobPrep app here.
    • Job search sites included the standards like CareerBuilder, Monster and Indeed. We talked about niche sites that are more focused on specific career paths as well.
    • Potential employers are an area that can be discovered by using a couple of online resources that are available through local chambers of commerce and libraries.
    • Networking and job clubs are a way to meet others that are in a similar situation or industry.
    • Local chambers and associations are a place where very local positions may be posted on the organizations websites.
    • Organization tools were discussed.
    • Articles that talk about questions to ask.

    Download the Digital Job Search Handout for links to all of the resources covered and to use for your job search (PDF) (PDF - Large Print). You can also find the handout on SlideShare and the archived webinar on YouTube.


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