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  • 2015

    Recruit and Retain Salespeople

    ​What is the one thing you need to keep your business in business? Customers, right? Then you need sales from those customers.

    How do you obtain the sales from the customers? In most cases, you need great representatives of your company sharing information about your products and services and inducing that customer to make a purchase.

    Salesperson Definition

    This webinar covers the key aspects of what it takes to recruit and retain the most effective salespeople for your business. Our guest speakers were Tim Neff and Daniel Dehaan of United Career Fairs.

    The discussion covered what sales is and isn't, knowing what motivates the salesperson and how to incentivise them, coach and train, and build a compensation package as well as increase responsibility for your staff.

    Download the webinar presentation (PDF) to follow along and take notes as you watch the archived video!


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