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  • 2015

    What You Need to Know About Small Business Procurement - Watch the Archived Webinar

    ​Want to sell your product or service to the Government?

    This is the webinar you need to watch. The Government buys EVERYTHING!!! If you have a product or service that could benefit any one of the multitude of government entities, you need to watch this webinar.

    Guest speaker Mary Turner, director of the Illinois PTAC of Central Illinois, shares her knowledge and expertise on how to move forward with setting up your business to deal with the Federal and State government procurement process.

    We cover the resources you need to know to determine your status as a business, how to register, what codes you need to register, how to obtain the numbers and codes you need to register your business and certify your business as a seller to the government.

    All of the resources you need are at your fingertips when you watch this archived webinar and download the Small Business Procurement handout (PDF).


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