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  • 2015

    Interested in Starting a Business?

    ​If so, watch our latest webinar to see what resources are available to you via the Illinois workNet website before you launch your new endeavor. Our webinar covered:

    • Starting a plan,
    • Deciding your function,
    • Deciding how you will hire,
    • Specific organizations that can assist you in creating your plan, and
    • Additional logistical considerations.

    By attending this webinar our participants felt that they:

    • Better understand how Illinois workNet can help them find the resources they need to start the planning process.
    • Better understand the process they will need to take if they want to start a business.
    • Better understand where they can go for one-on-one assistance.
    • Can recommend the use of the Illinois workNet website to others.

    Start by downloading the Start a Business Handout (below) and watch the archived webinar! Then check out the resources on the following pages:

    Start a Business Handout:


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