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  • 2015

    Don't forget to register for the Affordable Care Act Webinars!

    ​Don't miss out on your chance to attend our Affordable Care Act webinars for employers and employees with the Department of Labor! DOL Employee Benefits Security Administration experts will be providing a presentation and then you will have the option to ask questions about anything you're still unsure of.

    Our first two sessions are aimed at employers and take place tomorrow, February 17th. The presentation will address the concerns that small businesses have in providing affordable health care to their employees. Specifically, information will be provided on:

    • the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit,
    • utilizing the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP),
    • the Employer Shared Responsibility rules for 2015, and
    • other ACA provisions that impact small businesses.

    Register today for an employer focused session!

    Our last two sessions are aimed at employees and will be on Thursday, February 19th. This information is designed to put consumers back in charge of their health care and give them the stability and flexibility they need to make informed choices about their healthcare needs.

    Register for an employee focused session today!

    These webinars will not be recorded and posted for later viewing, so now is your chance to register to get the information you need!


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