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  • 2014

    How Can You Use Social Media to Find Your Next Job or Employee?

    ​People thought it was a fad, but social media is here to stay! Social media is being used more and more as a main component of many marketing campaigns. How can you make the best use of social media to enhance your job search or recruiting efforts?

    Illinois workNet held two webinars that focused on social media hosted by our very own social media strategist Dee Reinhardt.

    One was geared to job seekers and covered all of the major social platforms. While you are in job search mode, you are branding yourself as a product to market to a company. Because social media is ever evolving, we discussed tips and tricks that address strategy while using the platforms more than actual how-to's.

    The other webinar was geared toward recruiting through social media. The guest speaker on this HR focused webinar was Chris Larson of the Barton Professional Group, a recruiting company in the Chicago suburbs. Dee and Chris discussed tactics businesses could use on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, LinkedIn groups, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.

    Find both of these recordings and our other social media mini-recordings by visiting our social media guide or our YouTube playlists - Job Search and Social Media or Recruiting and Social Media.

    Download the Presentations to have all the information in front of you while you watch the videos.

    • Job Search and Social Media (PDF)
    • Recruiting and Social Media (PDF)




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