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  • 2015

    Workplace Skills - Problem Solving, Understand the Big Picture, and Work Ethic

    ​You can apply for a job with limited technical skills, and if you possess certain workplace skills you may be the perfect candidate. Companies want individuals who will be able to solve problems, understand the big picture, and display a great work ethic. The third webinar in our series on workplace skills discussed these three areas.

    Guest speaker Jean Petesch of Sauber Manufacturing shared her perspective on the areas from her years as the Director of Administrative Operations that included all Human Resource responsibilities for the company. This webinar covered three of the areas on Illinois workNet's list of Workplace Skills:

    • Problem Solving
      • Reasoning – use critical thinking, measure risk, and apply logic.
      • Problem Solving – requires flexibility, adaptability, creative thinking, and detecting and repairing errors.
      • Decision Making – is based upon identifying and understanding, creating a plan, and then ensuring that all of the tools are in place for the execution of that plan.
    • Understand the Big Picture
      • Provides the ability to realize the “what”, “why” and “how” of an organization.
    • Work Ethic
      • This is the values and behaviors that drive sustained performance and individual success.  It means not only working harder, but working with a purpose.

    Workplace Skills

    Download the presentation below (or on SlideShare) to get all of the links used within the webinar and follow along as you watch the archived webinar below or on YouTube.

    • Workplace Skills: Independence and Initiative, Leadership and Teamwork, and Positive Attitude (PDF)


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