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  • 2015

    Workplace Skills - Independence and Initiative, Leadership and Teamwork, and Positive Attitude

    ​There are a number of skills that employers want their employees to have on top of technical skills to do the job. In many circumstances, the company will train the new employee with the job skills as long as they demonstrate that they possess workplace skills.

    Guest speaker Dr. Cathryn Perfetti of EPP Advisory Group shared her perspective on the areas from her years on advising businesses on how to assist their employees build their workplace skills. This webinar covered three of the areas on Illinois workNet's list of Workplace Skills:

    • Independence and Initiative
      • Independence is being able to complete your duties without always having a supervisor planning your next moves.
      • Initiative is being able to plan and organize your next steps in a process to ensure your job is complete.
    • Teamwork and Leadership
      • Leadership is a process of influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task.
      • Teamwork is work done by several associates, each doing a part to achieve a goal without allowing any one’s personal importance affecting the efficiency of the group.
    • Positive Attitude
      • Positive Attitude – is seeing a glass half full and realizing you have the tools to fill it up.

    Workplace Skills

    Download the presentation below (or on SlideShare) to get all of the links used within the webinar and follow along as you watch the archived webinar below or on YouTube.

    • Workplace Skills: Independence and Initiative, Leadership and Teamwork, and Positive Attitude (PDF)

    Once you've watched this session, use Eventbrite to register for the last webinar in this series that will cover the remaining skills.


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