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  • 2015

    Do you have the skills employers want?

    ​You learn things in school. You learn things at trade school or college. You learn how to do your job at the job. But what you can't always learn are workplace skills. Workplace skills, otherwise known as soft skills, are something that you can learn, but aren't taught anywhere.

    We are here to fix that! The first in a series of three webinars addresses three of the skills employers appreciate and look for in their employees in addition to the technical skills to perform the job function. Some employers say that they can teach someone the details of the job if they have the soft skills to get the job done.

    The first of the series addresses the following:

    • Attendance and Self-Presentation
    • Career Advancement, and
    • Communications

    Job Skills Guide

    The webinar defined terms like attendance, timeliness, appearance, demonstrating self-control, demonstrating an interest in learning, along with the key components of communication.

    One of the common themes throughout the webinar was listening. You need great listening skills to address each of these workplace skills.

    Download the presentation used and follow-up along as you watch the archived webinar below or on YouTube.

    • Workplace Skills: Attendance and Self-Presentation, Career Advancement, and Communication Presentation (PDF)

    Once you've watched this session, use Eventbrite to register for the next two webinars that will cover the remaining skills.

    Check out Illinois workNet on YouTube and SlideShare!


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