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  • 2015

    Register for the Get Ready for Your Career Transition! Webinar

    Choosing a PathAre you looking for a new position or career? If you have worked for a few years or many years, you are in career transition. Join our discussion as we focus on resources and options you may have not thought about before, including:

    • skill discovery and upgrades,
    • education and training, and
    • alternatives to a traditional career path.

    Join our host Dee Reinhardt on September 2nd as she navigates the world of Career Transitioning in this webinar. Once you've registered, become familiar with the Illinois workNet resources available to you by clicking here for the Quick Start Guide.

    Registration Page

    These webinars are pre-paid through a federal grant so there is no cost to participants. Join us on the webinar so that you can ask your questions about job search for the seasoned worker during the webinar.


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    Elsa Andonaegui
    The timing for this webinar is so timely since my current job will be closing out on August 31, 2015 and I am looking to re-inventing my career opportunities. Thank you!!
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    At what time will this take place? Thank you Cheryl
  •  System Account
    This webinar will take place at 2 PM on September 2nd.
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