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  • 2015

    Volunteering - Just Say Yes!

    How does volunteering benefit you and the community? This webinar covers tools and resources available to help you learn more ways for you to help both.

    If you missed the actual presentation you can watch the recording and catch up on the following items:

    • We talked about why you should volunteer - the boost in self-confidence and sense of pride help you have a more positive view of your life and goals.
    • Within the presentation we listed a number of resources to help you find the right place to donate your time and talents.
    • During the youth volunteers discussion, we covered learning new skills and making connections.
    • Adults in transition have a chance to demonstrate skills they might not otherwise use on the job, and possibly build new professional relationships that could provide references and possible job leads.
    • Networking while volunteering is a key factor and most significantly benefits individuals without a high school diploma in rural areas.
    • Adding volunteer activities to your resume can show a potential employer your ability to learn skills, devote time and learn lessons, as well as, cover gaps in paid employment.
    • Lastly, we discussed how businesses who support community service by their employees win in two ways: the support of their local communities and a positive impact on the corporate culture of the organization.

    Download the presentation and watch the archived webinar today.



  •  System Account
    Carlos Urquiza
    I am ready to help those who need technical computer abilities, both in English and Spanish speaking people. I have been in the computer field for over 40 years, starting back in the early 70's in Chicago that allowed me to learn from the IBM Mainframes era to today's desktops, loptops, tablets, iPods, iphones and the different peripherals attached to all of them (gadgets). I would like to participate in the training of Spanish speaking people applying bilingual standars of communication, young or adults.
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