Digital Literacy Guides

 Why Digital Literacy Matters

Computer skills are just one aspect of Digital Literacy. To be digitally literate means being able to use digital technology, communication tools, or networks to locate, evaluate, use, and create information.1 These skills are used in everyday life and all industries and jobs. The required skill level for specific jobs can vary. You can learn more by looking at the categories below. You will find that each category has skills that are further organized by three skill levels: 

  • Basic – You are just getting comfortable with using computers and mobile devices, using email, and performing basic web searches.
  • Intermediate – You are able to use productivity software, apps, and online communication tools as well as contribute information via the Internet.
  • Technical Professional - You are able to implement, monitor, or maintain information technology systems.

If you are interested in developing these skills, there are programs that can assist you.  Many offer industry-recognized credentials when you complete tests. You can search for digital literacy programs near you through:



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